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Our Cremation Promise

Because we have been in this business for over 100 years, we know much about cremation and want to help you become an informed consumer. First be aware that funeral homes may advertise “cremation services,” but many in our area use common, multiple user, off-site industrial crematories to handle their cremations.

What’s more, our competitors rarely disclose this essential fact to the family. Often, people are shocked to learn that the important cremation process itself is subcontracted out to a third-party who may service multiple parties and operate their services from garages or industrial warehouses, often in other counties. Washington State allows funeral or cremation providers in this state to operate with no minimum requirements for facilities such as refrigeration, preparation rooms, and other essentials.

For example, it is legal in Washington State for someone to operate from a home, or storefront. The crematory, for such a company, could be in a garage or industrial warehouse unknown to you. If someone says they will perform the cremation for half or less than the going price, there is probably a reason.

Because we offer cremations at our very own Puget Sound Crematory, your loved one never leaves the shelter of our expert care. We believe that you want quality and peace of mind with our superior cremation services.

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